Monday, April 9, 2012

iphone app drawing

Yesterday my husband and I spent the day with his family for Easter. We had a lovely meal following grace. There's always plenty of conversations going around the table to enjoy.

And now... plenty of fun with the iPhones too. Oh my! My in-laws have me addicted to this new iphone/ipad app - DRAW SOMETHING. There's a free version of it available.

You can find your friends on Facebook who are playing it or send a game via a person's email address. You get three words to pick from and then you draw it. Don't worry, stick figures are acceptable!

It's hilarious, because when the drawing is finished and you hit send, half the fun of it is actually watching the drawing come to life in front of you and then you have to guess what it is.

We were laughing and cutting up with it. My mother-in-law laughed and said, "I think next gathering we might say all phones aren't allowed." Then... she got her iPad out and got the app too.

I picked one word that was in the harder categories and figured, "OK, I can do that." It was a quick drawing and I sent it to my mother-in-law. Remember, the receiving person is watching it.... as it's being drawn.

I heard my mother-in-law burst out laughing and I looked up... to see my drawing on the screen... and it looked like a penis! A very large one... but it was supposed to be a snake.... and I drew fangs and something coming out of the fangs... so imagine... something that looks like a large penis and something coming out of it! Ohhhhh myyyyyyyyy goshhhhhh... and it was sent to my mother-in-law!! Thankfully I also wrote the word "Snake".. and she was able to guess venom... but still... I apologized for the drawing and she said, "It was the best laugh I've had all week."

Oh and for the record.. my husband and mother-in-law are really talented artist! It runs in the family, most definitely!

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