Thursday, April 5, 2012

Egg or the Chicken

Which came first? The egg or the chicken... no, this won't be a philosophical post. I'm just being silly.

I "made groceries" earlier this morning. You have to be a Southerner to get the "made" part. It's just our thing. I bought eggs and chicken, with the inspiration of making a tuna salad for lunch (hard boiled eggs are a must for a tuna salad, just ask my Mom!) and bourbon chicken for supper.

Instead, I had sushi (California rolls, already made at the local grocery store) for lunch. I'll make the tuna for tomorrow.

I was a little nervous about making the bourbon chicken. I haven't made it in ten years and got the recipe from someone who was a chef.... and chefs... don't know measurements.

It came out good. My husband said he would want it again and offered some suggestions on making the recipe better. (Did I mention that my husband has extensive restaurant knowledge?)

Now I'm considering creating a recipe blog where I type up what I tried and what I'd change. Not that I have a long list to start with, but it makes my husband happy to see me cooking*cough* attempt to cook and I like making my husband happy :)

Now... if I could just get into gardening. Anyone have a green thumb they can lend me? I have a garden of weeds growing. They are VERY healthy!


Head Ant said...

Is that the recipe with the orange juice? Now I am the one who makes it.

Lilly said...

I agree with your Mother, eggs are a must in tuna salad. I am way better at gardening than cooking but I still try. Your blog is a good idea.