Tuesday, March 20, 2012

High Tech Beader

I was thinking about doing some instructional beading videos. I didn’t want to use a video camera, because I want to look through the video lens at the same time as I’m beading… With a video camera stationary, I have to hope it is angled correctly and will show what I want it to show as I’m beading.

So, I thought, “Hmmm, iPad might work.” I tried it with a stand that I have. Using the feature where the camera is showing what’s on the other side. I could see what was showing on the video right in front of me. Only problem, the iPad is too big for me to reach around and bead while looking at the same time. I had to move my hands outside of the viewing area to thread the beads and that breaks the continuity of the instruction.

The iPhone is the best option… however, my iPhone didn’t have a stand. I showed my creative husband what I needed and he made a stand for me. It’s great, because I can move it at many different angles to get it just right.

My husband took a video of me while I was testing the stand out. Excuse the mess. Beading work area is always a disaster while in use :)

Thank you, Sweetheart! I think this is going to be perfect!


flyingbeader said...

GREAT idea! I too was wondering how to do something like that. Now you've given me the idea.


Head Ant said...

Would that make you a vlogger now? I'm so afraid to go on video.

Aleta said...

Yes, I guess that makes me a vlogger. I'm working on a video right now to post. I'm going to post it on my jewelry blog but will share a link on it here when it's posted. I'm sure I sound silly, but ah well... it's all in fun :)

Glynis said...

I hope you're thinking about making a little money with this idea. People would buy the instructions, believe me.

Eva Maria Keiser said...

Thank you for joining my blog. This "Vlogger" demo and sound is great.
-Eva Maria