Sunday, March 18, 2012

Found Dog

The phone just rang and my husband answered it.

A lady said, "We found your dog!"

Greg replied, "She's not lost."

The lady insisted, "But we have Penny. Right here. Didn't you have a lost animal?"

My husband said, "That was a cat and the cat was found. Our dog was never lost."

She repeated, "Uh, but we have your dog. We found your dog. Here on the corner of Lafreniere and Hall."

Greg laughed, "That's where we live! We have a radio fence."

My husband and I couldn't stop laughing. At least we know people will read the phone numbers on the tag. Greg said, "It was a conversation of dumb and dumber. She kept insisting she found our dog."


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

If there was a reward she was probably determined to get it.

Glynis said...

That poor lady. I wonder what she's been drinking. Don't be surprised if others do the same thing though.