Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tiger Eye LSU necklace

Most of the time, I only post pictures of my jewelry on the jewelry blog, but Greg liked this one so much that he said I should post it on my Fleur de Aleta blog as well.

I designed the tiger eye for the LSU football team. Geaux Tigers! (I say this, while getting ready for the Saints to play tonight - Geaux Saints! Woot!)


Cherie said...

That is a really cool necklace - It looks like alot of work, you are talented.
And that is a beautiful picture of you - Your eyes stand out - gorgeous!

jlastrap said...

Do you sell the eye of the Tiger neclace?

Aleta said...

Yes, see my jewelry blog:

courtney burke said...

I tried to copy and paste the like for your page and it doesn't take me to your page. I would love this necklace