Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Leather Anniversary

Another thing I love about Greg is how much he enjoys traditions. He knew that the 3rd year wedding anniversary is the symbol of Leather. When he mentioned this to me, he jokingly said, "Whips and chains?" Have I mentioned my husband's wonderful sense of humor?

The day started with a card that made me smile. He somehow finds the right card that matches our emotions and things we're experiencing together. Then, this afternoon, Greg surprised me with my leather gift.

His gift inspiration came when he saw what I carry my beading stuff in... when I bead with my good friend, Sally, Beverly and Carol, I bring my beads in a little white, thin bag. Greg bought me a lovely, soft leather case. It's great because there's plenty of room to put my beading supplies and hey, even my iPad :) I took a "before and after" shot in one.

For supper, Greg made reservations at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. When we walked in and gave our name, the hostess wished us a Happy Anniversary and so did our waitress and other various staff members. Ruth's Chris is romantic with it's dark wood ambiance. It's up-scale dining but not uncomfortable, does that make sense? Greg had a delicious stuffed chicken (fast becoming a favorite dish) and I had steak and shrimp, yummy.

During our meal, we walked down memory lane, talking about memories of our wedding day and honeymoon.

The waiter brought out our desert and had a candle on the desert sampling, a little something extra special for our anniversary. Awwww.. It's a little dark, but the waiter took our picture. Written in chocolate on our plate are the words, "Happy Anniversary."

When we got home, we looked at the Picasa pictures of our honeymoon and lit our unity candle. What a romantic evening.... Thank you, My Love... for making my dreams come true... with your love.....


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