Sunday, January 8, 2012

Confession about Attics

I can't stand attics. I don't like going up the creaky step ladder. I don't like the heat in the attic or the insulation. I am glad that we have a floored attic. But you won't find me storing anything there. That's right, all those decorations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Mardi Gras - it's all stack, racked and packed into closets. Christmas takes up 2 closets, in fact.

The reason is that I've seen too many things get ruined in the attic or broken. Not that I have treasures or anything, but what I have I'd like to keep in good condition :)


Head Ant said...

One of the previous owners closed off the cathedral ceiling of the bedroom into an attic. I so want to organize it right now.

Cherie said...

I have no idea what the attic looks like and I have no intention of finding out! Ha