Saturday, December 3, 2011

Feels Like Christmas

This morning, my husband and I went outside and decorated the trees. I have red and gold round ornaments that typically stay in storage. This year we took them out and decorated the outside trees. It was fun, but the weird thing was... people driving by slowed down. A lot. One woman even stopped in the middle of the street to watch us! I wanted to ask, "What's up with the slow downs? It IS Christmas, right?"

Greg is tickled with our "early Christmas gift" to each other. We decided to get an electric fireplace. When we first built the addition to the house, we considered a fireplace, but it's messy to deal with (I used to have a house with a fireplace and couldn't stand cleaning it) and would have been too much of a trouble with the roof.

Having the electric fireplace is neat! All the benefits and none of the mess. We get the heat (or can put the flames on without the heat) and it's "spectra" colors, meaning it has the red, yellow and blue flames. We can set it on timer for how long to keep it on and it has a pretty mantel and marble look to the base. We have the fireplace in the office room, which is probably the most used area with our computers, my husband's work and my jewelry area. (We bought the fireplace from Lowe's as they had the best selection.)

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lailani said...

Very nice!! Sounds like a warm, cozy Christmas season ahead of you!

Ho Ho Ho!