Sunday, December 11, 2011

Confessions about Hotel Rooms

My husband used to laugh when we'd go on vacations together. He laughed because I had the habit of cleaning the hotel room. Ok, not CLEANING it, but straightening it up.

I would put garbage in the garbage can, not leave soda drinks out or paper anywhere. I would "sort of" make the bed - throw the covers on it, along with pillows, just enough to straighten it out.

He would watch me do this and say, "Why? There's a maid service for this."

I replied, "Because if it's neat, there's less of a chance that things get lost or forgotten."

Then... one business trip my husband left a part to his CPAP machine at a hotel room. It's something that he has to use nightly for sleep apnea.

And now? When we go on vacations, he helps me straighten up the room. It only takes a few extra minutes, but it sure can save you in the long run. If a room is neat/organized, you know where stuff is and have less of a tendency to forget to pack something :)

(Did you think I would write about the hotel sheets and such? One of the ladies who used to work for my company was also a maid prior to working with us... she told me that what she knows about hotel industry would scare people... she brings her own sheets and pillow cases when she goes on vacation!)

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