Sunday, December 4, 2011

Confession about the Car Port

We have room for two cars under the car port. Greg says, "This is the Queen's space." Meaning, where I park the Ford Edge... it's the closest to the house side door :)

My husband tried to show me where he wanted me to park.. "Look to your left and when your head reaches that point on the house, then stop." He wanted it where the side door could open without hitting the Ford Edge and where the Ford Edge was under the car port enough for the garage door to come down.

Only, I never made that "perfect mark".... I either drove up too far or not far enough. And then, Greg bought me one of those yellow balls. Yes, he did... the kind that you hang in the garage for distance. Lol.

He didn't just hang it up, he left me a surprise too. I love it when he does things like this! My husband makes me smile so often. Now, when I come home and see that yellow ball, I have to smile and all of a sudden the pressure for the work day disappears.

(On the other side, he wrote, "Welcome Home" :)


GingerJar said...

How sweet.

Anonymous said...

She is mobile challenged... yet I love her anyway!


Kaloy said...

Wow, your husband is so sweet that even in the carport you'll find something that would prove he's head over hills dead inlove with you.
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