Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sleep Confessions

Sleep Confessions

You thought this might be about me talking in my sleep? It's true, I do that. Greg has actually asked me things in my sleep and I answer. He found out the Christmas gift I got him one year by doing that and PROMISES HE'LL NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! (cough)

But no, it's not about me talking in my sleep. This is about a pattern before sleep.

Some people like have to keep the TV on at night. Greg is like that. He falls asleep to the TV on, with a timer set for one hour. My problem with that is I get into a show, no matter how stupid the show might be (late night shows are really bad). Or worse... I'll watch something scary and it ends up in my dreams. Ugh.

Some people like to fall asleep to the radio. My parents like the radio. But they set it to the talk shows. Oh my gosh, that would keep me awake too.

I prefer something more relaxing, matching tiles. Not floor tiles. Mahjongg tiles. I play it on the iPad. It takes me back to the years of childhood, when I had to match up cards and remember where each one was (it was a memory game, but ironically I don't recall the name of the game). The iPad is great for playing Mahjongg. I find it a soothing game. So, that's my sleep secret.


Nikkiana said...

Some nights I'm super tired and I just go to bed and fall asleep no problem, but on nights where I'm having trouble settling into sleep I usually take my melatonin suppliment and then play games on my Nintendo DS.

Lately I've been alternating between CrossworDS and PuzzleQuest: Challenge of the Warlords (which is like Bejeweled with a plot).

Coffeypot said...

I go to sleep with the TV on, too. But the timer is not on. I was raised on a street that had semi's going by all night, then in the Navy with all the noise 27/7/365 so I cannot sleep in a totally quiet room.