Wednesday, November 2, 2011

R is for

ABC Your Home State

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Welcome to “ABC of Your State” ~ This challenge is based on friends and bloggers asking about Louisiana, as well as my interest in travel and learning about other places. Please feel welcome to join in.

R is for

~ Rivertown. It's located in Kenner, not far from the airport. Every now and then I like to go there. It's a small, quaint section of the town. There are a couple of museums, some nice restaurants and a few shops.

~ Ralph's On the Park Restaurant. Some bloggy friends from Philly went to this restaurant, located in City Park and said it was yummy. It's Creole cuisine in the City Park setting (a little pricey though). I asked Greg to take me here for our next anniversary (HUBBY REMINDER ALERT :)

~ Rig Museum. I haven't been to this museum, but would like to one day. It's supposed to be the only place where the general public can walk on an offshore drilling rig. The museum is located in Morgan City.

I have to admit, part of the fun of doing this ABC challenge is that I’m finding things I haven’t done in Louisiana and would like to do :) I really do recommend this challenge – it's fun, informative, makes you get creative and you'll find new things to do in your own home state.... plus, whenever someone comes to visit and asks, "What can we do while we're in town?" Just start singing the ABC song :)

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