Sunday, November 6, 2011

Confession about Medicine

Maybe it's laziness. Ok, yes, it IS laziness.

My medicine gets automatically refilled each month at the pharmacy.

My confession is that when I get an email from the pharmacy about my medicine being ready, I NEVER go to pick them up in time. I stretch it to the point that the pharmacy calls me to say they are about to re-shelf the medicine before I go.

Very lazy on an important thing. Blood pressure medicine, Thyroid Medicine and Glaucoma Eye Drops. Bad me!


Mark said...

That's a very bad girl. One day you're going to slip up and you won't have that medicine.

Aleta said...

I know, shame on me... But, our prescription company offers "home delivery" so I'm considering switching to that. Which makes me all the more lazy, but it will at least be delivered on a timely basis :)