Thursday, November 17, 2011

ADULT Birthday

Today is my brother’s birthday. I won’t say how old, but I will say that even though he’s two years older than I am, he still looks like he’s 18. He just has that youthful look to him, which I think is great.

It was a nice party gathering of my parents, Kevin and Erica, Greg and I and Roda and the birthday boy. It started off with delicious cooking (Roda, the chef) and the birthday song…. And then the gifts.

Mom wanted Rob to open her gift to him first and here’s the reason….

It’s fleur de lis pants (think Saints football fan). My brother said no way was he going to wear that; it had to be something for a woman. Then Greg asked, “Does it have a weenie hole, because that’s important you know!” And yes, it did, so it’s definitely a pair of pants (PJ’s) for a guy.

The group laughed over the pants that Greg coined “Fleur de Weenie.” And then…. The conversation escalated into stories… like how Mom’s purse was stolen one year and the person who stole her purse charged her credit card over 100 dollars of merchandise.. the thief bought edible panties and candy condoms!

It went from there to the story of how Rob asked me in front of Mom if I knew what a “Rabbit” was (this was back when I was in college). And my reply was, “An animal… a bunny.” Rob asked me to describe it and I said, “It has long ears and whiskers” to which Rob just about rolled on the floor and busted out laughing. It was then that Rob told me what the “other Rabbit” was..

My Dad…. Hearing this story…. Said, “But I don’t get it…” And so, Greg takes out his iPhone and does a google search to show Dad a picture. Dad said, “It’s a good thing this was an “adult” birthday group!” (My Dad is known for buying gifts online and there were jokes around the table about what Mom might be getting for Christmas coming up!)

I haven’t laughed so hard in a really long time and it was great. We had lively conversation, family involvement, great food, fun topics…. Life get so stressful at times… and when we need it the most, laughter lifts us up.


Candice said...

hahaha...sounds like a great time. I love family get-togethers like that :)

Travis Erwin said...

This WHO DAT would wear them proudly.