Saturday, October 15, 2011

Question 15 Zodiac

Question 15 - Your horoscope/zodiac & do you believe it fits you

Scorpio and I used to love reading about the zodiac signs when I was a little girl. Do I think it fits me? I think it fits anyone. It seems to me that each zodiac is a personality and every human being is a mixture of personalities depending upon moods and situations and interests. That's why it's easy to relate to our sign, because it's just one part of a personality. It's fun reading though :)

(Ok, it is funny though that Scorps and Leos are supposed to be a good match... which is my match with Greg... and my friend, Kristen, also a Scorp, is happily married to her Leo, Bill.) Ah, go figure! *cue creepy music *

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nsiyer said...

Zodiac signs are indicators. But te personalities described inder these signs are a perfecr description. I am an Arien and my description under this sign fits my personality