Wednesday, July 27, 2011

D is for

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Welcome to “ABC of Your State” ~ This challenge is based on friends and bloggers asking about Louisiana, as well as my interest in travel and learning about other places. I’d love to read about your state or travels (Even though it says "your home state" - it's open to any place you have lived or traveled too)! Please feel welcome to join in. There should be a linky for you to post your website address at the bottom of this post.

D is for

~ D-Day Museum. A lot of people think "Blah, Blah, I don't want to see a museum on vacation." There are museums and then, there are Museums. This one Museum you don't want to miss. It's not a museum with just uniforms and weapons; it's so much more.

The D-Day Museum shows how amazing the people of that generation were, not just courageous, but smart... and humble. It's not a museum giving just history, it's a Museum about transformation of a nation and human spirit. How an ordinary man (and woman) become extraordinary.

The part I liked the most was the short videos of personal accounts. (If you ever saw Band of Brothers, Dick Winters is in some of the video diaries.)

There are momentos that were donated by WW2 Veterans and their families. I remember reading a beautiful letter written by a soldier to his family in New Orleans. If you get further into another exhibit, there are larger than life photos of fallen soliders... when you see this, you'll understand the reason for falling tears.

You'll want to see this Museum, trust me and believe me when I say you want to schedule a day to see it, because there's that much to see. It will leave you with a feeling of sacrifice and gratefulness.

And... before you see the actual Museum, watch the movie, "Beyond All Boundaries." Its about 45 minutes and is narrated by Tom Hanks. Don't worry, you won't have to wear any funky fashion 3D glasses (It's 4D). The movie is very well done, including special effects.

I'll also be biased and say the Museum explains the close ties between D-Day and New Orleans ~ leading to our city being selected for the Museum's location.

I'm sure there are other "D is for" things to do in Louisiana, but I was really impressed with the Museum and can't say enough about it!


Priscilla said...

New Orleans is sounding like fun to me! I am a museum junkie. We have a lot of museums in Richmond VA including a very nice Holocaust one and an Edgar Allen Poe one.

Morgan said...

We love visiting museums ... always so much to learn!

Visiting from SITS :)

Tori Nelson said...

Sounds really cool!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Aleta, sorry I couldn't post a letter this week. And I really enjoy going to museums, so I bet I'd like this one.

pbm2011 said...

I was offered a chance to go to a school in new orleans but I am a mama's baby and didn't want to go to far. I've never been to the museum before... but I sure applied for a job there today! lol

Thanks for the lovely comments you bring to my posts! A girl can get use to you! <3 Take care!

Crazy Sister said...

Yes, we have a huge War Museum in Canberra, and it's overwhelming. Beautiful, amazing, and sad.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

I do enjoy your ABC posts!