Wednesday, July 20, 2011

C is for

ABC Your Home State

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Welcome to “ABC of Your State” ~ This challenge is based on friends and bloggers asking about Louisiana, as well as my interest in travel and learning about other places. I’d love to read about your state or travels (Even though it says "your home state" - it's open to any place you have lived or traveled too)! Please feel welcome to join in. There should be a linky for you to post your website address at the bottom of this post.

C is for

~ Contemporary Arts Center. This is located in the Warehouse district. If you’re looking for performances, this is a good place to start. Click here for their website.

~ Cemeteries. If you’re visiting New Orleans, even from the Interstate, you will see our “cities of the dead.” It sounds like a strange thing to suggest for people to visit – go to a cemetery. But it’s something I’d recommend. There are tours for the cemeteries in New Orleans. Do NOT go to those old cemeteries without a tour group. They aren’t located in the best of neighborhoods. There’s safety in numbers and tour groups are left alone. It’s the single tourist that becomes a target. (I hate writing that, because it makes New Orleans sound so dangerous, but it’s what I would tell friends who come to visit. I’d rather be honest – there is danger in any city, just know where to go and what to do.) I’ve been on the New Orleans cemetery tours and they are very interesting and informative, so yes, I’d recommend them.

When I did a blog post though, I wrote about the Metairie Cemetery, which oddly enough.. is located in New Orleans. There are no tours offered at this cemetery, but it has just as many interesting stories. If you want to read more about it, click here for the link to my blog post. (Be sure to look at the picture of the weeping angel. If you love to take pictures, go to see her as early as possible, because the sun comes through a colored stained glass, giving the statue a blue , heavenly look.)

~ City Park. If you’ve never seen an oak, the best place to visit is City Park. The oaks are old and the limbs touch the ground. The trees are elegant, as if dancers of the wind. It's a great place to have a picnic and if you have children, bring them to Storyland. It's a playground modeled around storybook characters. I remember going there as a little girl, good memories. (If you need directions to get to Storyland, be sure to not say "Storyville" by accident, because that's a red light district. Big difference!)


Penny said...

Oh, I love Nola's City Park!!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Great phoots! I bet the cemetaries are cool. I posted my C today!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

The cemeteries sound and look beautiful. I love visiting them.

Cheryl said...

I love old cemeteries. They are always interesting. Great pictures, too!!!

fromcorporatetodomestic said...

I remember when I visited many, many years ago how I saw cemeteries everywhere!

Morgan said...

What a fun way to take a virtual tour of our country!

Visiting from SITS :)

The Mommy Mambo said...

Wanted to stop over and return the follow from my SITS day! THanks so much. Also, give me time to snoop around on your blog and get to know you a little more....send me some photos of your babies (i.e. the cat and dog) and your hubs and anything else you might want incorporated and let me see what I can come up with for you?!
Did you decide if you wanted black and white or color yet? Send me an e-mail and let me know.

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

fantastic shots!!
old cemeteries are always interesting.

hope you're having a great day


Glynis Jolly said...

Louisiana is one of the very few states I have never been to. I would think the time to see it is in the spring or fall because of humidity issues in the summer. I live in Tennessee where the humidity is bad enough. I assume that it it worse there.