Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And The Winner Is....

I have to share an email that Greg sent to my Mom:


"I don’t care HOW much you try to ruin dinner… when it comes to "worst dinner award" your "Scorched Roast Beef" can't hold a candle to my "Tequila Lime Turkey".
Nice try though. Better luck next year. I think its Lester’s time to get in the running for that award… or maybe Rob and Aleta !!!! When they cook I will have the ambulance and fire trucks on speed dial. THANKS for dinner though. I appreciate it."


Mom laughed, of course. Hmm, between the supper she made the other time of red beans that Greg didn’t like, there’s a ditty in there somewhere….

Don’t ask Mom to cook
She’ll make you Burnt Roast and Bland Beans
Don’t ask Me to cook
‘Cause Honey, it runs in the Genes

Greg and I joined Rob and Roda for supper tonight at Spudley’s. It’s a good restaurant if you like huge baked potatoes that are stuffed with all sorts of food.

Rob and Roda decided towards the end of the meal, to let us in on the previous meal. Rob said, "You ate the chicken that Roda cooked last night? Did Mom tell you about it?" (They cooked chicken and brought it over to my parents’ house and had left overs for us when we stopped by later on.)

Come to find out, Rob had a lot of chicken in his freezer that dated back to 2006! And he served it to us! I was horrified!

Roda said, "Your brother has had that chicken longer than he has known me!" We laughed so hard the other patrons of the restaurant were turning to look at us.

Greg replied, "I can picture us going over to Rob and Roda’s for supper. In one hand they have a bottle of wine from 2005 and in the other hand, a serving of chicken from 2001. No Thank you, when the chicken is older than the wine, I PASS!"

Greg continued, "Roda is a nurse. She probably looked at the chicken, *did the hand motion of paddles in the air*, CLEAR, this chicken is still good."

And the Winner of "Worst Dinner Award" based on … aged chicken…

Goes to Rob and Roda. (I happily pass that torch on to them. hehe)

(Roda, if you read this – PLEASE EMPTY OUT ROB’S FREEZER!)


Kel said...

Thats funny - a bit scary - but funny! Do people really have food in their freezers for that long? ha, I just wish mine would last longer than two weeks!

Have a great day!

Aleta said...

It seems true. But I can't joke too much about Rob and his freezer, because when Greg moved in, he was going through my pantry and through out cans that had expired! I don't cook a lot and neither does my brother. Can you tell? Lol

Lilly's Life said...

Oh I think I deserve that award - I cannot cook anything but cakes. I could could have cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner but supposedly its not a healthy diet he he. Loved this post - I have gone off chicken, fortunately.....

redchair said...

Hi Aleta,
This blog entry is hysterical!

I have to admit I'm guilty of leaving things in my freezer forever also. If I don't like it-I freeze it. I can't just throw it out. 'Waste not-Want not', you know?

But, after a year or two I eventually do toss it.

the blue bicycle said...

I know I am guilty of this - my oldest son is the first to point out expiration dates .... i try to pawn them off as just 'propaganda from the USDA' ....

so far, my attempts have not worked. in the trash they go.

but i will confess - chicken ... ummm.... nope - i would have to toss it!

a funny aside: when we finally moved my grandmother from her home to a nursing home, we cleared out her canning closet in the basement. we had some good laughs: green beans canned in 1972!! beets in 1986 .... and so forth. I think the 1972 won the oldest can award.

we believe she was planning on surviving the next world war ....and she would have.

lady blue

Rashikaps said...

Oh my goodnesssss! I'm just so amazed .. :)

Stacey said...

Oh Aleta,it could have been worse it could have been a chicken from 1996 or even earlier (LOL)
Hmmmmmm I think I better go and check my freezer(lol)
Hope you well ;-D

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Nice ditty that! Cooking is like gardening, in a way, either you have it (in your genes or whatever) or not.

I'm a passable cook but a BAD gardener. You could say:

Her cooking was mean,
Though her thumb wasn't green!