Monday, March 10, 2008

Furry Water

Tigs craves attention. Greg says, "He has personality." I've heard of cats watching TV (Tigs does) and playing with the computer mouse, but I was shocked to see the picture of Tigger sitting right in the middle of Greg's laptop (mind you, Tigs did this while Greg was trying to type)!

Yes, he is a character. I can tell when the AC is set too low. Tigs takes off running.. with nobody chasing him, not even Pebbles. He just zoom-zooms through the rooms. Greg claims, "He's runs like he has a purpose. He's trying to get WARM!"

A word to the wise ~ I highly recommend that you never leave a glass of water abandoned. You might find yourself coughing up a fur ball as Tigs will only drink water from a glass on the counter!

Animals, you have to love them.

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