Three funerals and a wedding

Three funerals and a wedding.  We have it backwards from the movie, but that’s life sometimes, right?  Greg's dad's funeral was the third one within 2 weeks.  I felt that my father-in-law was there, listening, laughing and sending his love, as we grieved and spoke of him and his bride.  Greg gave a loving eulogy for his dad, sharing about how his dad was a pillar of kindness for his family, community and church.  He actually had us laughing at the end, which won’t surprise anyone if they know Greg.  Bet his dad was laughing in heaven too and saying, “Good one, son!” as he listened.  


The night before the service, Gregory told me he wanted to say something about Grandfather.  He asked what he should write.  I said, “Think about your earliest memory and your most recent things you did with Grandfather and go from there.”  He showed me what he wrote later, “But I want to add that he was a great guy.”  i replied, “You don’t have to, because you already showed in what you wrote.”


This was Gregory’s eulogy.  I know it wasn’t easy for him to stand up and read it.  I said, “You are doing this for your grandfather, for your dad and for you.”  



One of my earliest memories of Grandfather is going to their house.  Grandfather liked to throw a huge red ball outside in the backyard with me.  He had lots of energy to play catch.  Maybe seeing how much energy I had is where he came up with my nickname, which was Tiger.  


When we took a break from playing, we would rest on the patio chairs.  While we were resting, Grandfather loved to point out the birds that he saw at the birdhouse.  There was a large bird book on the table and he’d show me pictures and names of what birds we saw outside.  


Grandfather was a great sport!  He laughed and said “Good Game!”, even when he lost at Jenga.  Connect 4 was another game he liked.  But nobody could beat him at checkers!  Grandfather said he used to play that game all the time since he was a kid.  He taught me the version of checkers he liked the most, Kings Checkers.  


I’ll always remember him being kind, playful and loving. 

Thank you, Grandfather, for all your love.  I miss you.



Greg’s cousin, Melody came up to me and said, “I was keeping it together until Gregory spoke.  Then I cried.  I don’t think there was a dry eye.”


After the service Greg quietly reflected, “It feels weird not to have parents now.”  I hugged him and said, “You can borrow mine.  I’ll share.”  He laughed and replied, “I can just imagine the look on your Dad’s face if I tell him that... he’d say... “uhhh Poohbear....ut uhh..”  Lol


It’s strange how funerals bring families together that you might not have seen before.  The bonds are still there, even when the space seems far.  We reconnected with family, cherishing memories and strengthening those bonds.  


After the funerals, we were incredibly grateful to be invited to my boss’s son’s wedding.  First, because she’s such a kind person and I’m thankful to know her and second, because we really needed an uplifting celebration.  We haven’t been on a date night, let’s get dressed up and celebrate type of outing in a while.  This was perfect timing and so much fun!  The venue was set against a fountain by the grand oaks with hanging moss.  The sunset was behind us and the heat of the day was over.  The 7 bridesmaids walked down the aisle in different styles but all in a pretty shade of green and the bride radiated joy.  It was touching that the wedding officiant was my boss’s godchild. 


Having the wedding on sight to the reception hall was really convenient, no worries about traveling!  The reception kept the food coming via servers and there were various locations throughout the room to try delicious food too.  We felt like kids in the photo booth and smiled as they played our wedding song, “At Last.”  I felt like something inside was healed.  Our spirits needed this.


It also needed the day before, when Jennifer, Greg’s cousin, came over for supper.  Jennifer was in Ireland when Greg’s dad passed away.  She sent Greg a picture of her lighting a candle at a church in Ireland for his dad.  It really meant a lot to Greg.  During the conversations, we learned that Jennifer works for an art collector and she makes sculptures!  She loved my art studio and made me feel good about my artwork.  


Jennifer shared pictures from her trip to Ireland.  There are some pictures that my fingers just about danced to make into paintings!  We shared our trip to Venice... and sharing with her... made me remember the GOOD things about Venice, not just the ending where my mom got sick.  We did have a lot of wonderful times in Venice.  She made me realize that I’m over due on writing about it.  I’ll have to correct that.


A lot of healing this weekend.. and praying for more, that the doctors figure out what’s going on with me.  My body is a problem child, but even so, I am able to enjoy family and celebrations.  Laughing and having a good time has a healing power too!  It’s days like this that continue to give Hope.  Thank you, God!