Saturday, May 21, 2016

Letter to my son

Dear Son,

That picture was taken this morning.  It was a full day of fun and family... and now, you are tired, the loopy kind, and you don't want to take a bath.  You don't want to miss any minute of time in the day.  You like baths, don't get me wrong.  But you know it's the symbol of the day turning into night.  You had so much fun, you don't want it to be over.

Today started with a Michael's art project.  For $ 2.00 a class, it's well worth it.  Mrs. Rebecca showed you a picture frame, gave you markers and said, "Color all the way around the frame."  You did exactly as instructed - all the way around the frame with the first color - Red.

Right hand first, then you used your left hand.

Mrs. Rebecca asked you which color for the back of the picture.  You opted for blue.

There were two designs to choose from, a heart and a house.  You didn't go for the easy one.... you wanted the house.  Mrs. Rebecca had to hole punch out the design.  She told you to "thread the yarn any way that you want to" and you did.

You did more threading than ever before, which is a big improvement but Mrs. Rebecca did the outline of the house.  Mommy  wrote your name and age on the frame.  Oma and Mommy added some flowers and hearts and here you go:

You had a blast!

After Michaels, we met up with Opa and Daddy.  Next up, visit with Maw Maw, your great-grandmother.

We walked into Maw Maw's house and you went straight for the toys.

Nothing better than hugs from your great-grandmother.

"Where's the dog?"  Ummm....  she's comfy.

We went outside to take pictures next to Maw Maw's lovely flowers. 

The sun was in your eyes and you didn't want to smile.

So Mommy said, "Gregory, don't touch those flowers!"  
Of course, you had to touch them and then you smiled.

You ran up to Opa and said, "It's 2:25!  Time to go to Isaac's birthday party.  Opa, are you coming too?"  Opa said, "Am I coming?!  I'm the one with the keys!"

Isaac's birthday party was the same place as last year and you were thrilled.
You love bounce houses now.
What a difference one year can make.

For instance, last year, you wouldn't go into a bounce house without us being there.  You couldn't climb into most of them by yourself.  You were terrified of the slide, even when Daddy went with you.  Though you were afraid, you still wanted to do the things.  You just needed us there with you.

One year later, after classmates birthday parties at bounce houses, the bounce house at your birthday party.. the frequent visits to the local bounce house...?  One year later... you are fearless!  You went through ALL of the bounces houses, many times.  Up and down the slides many times, all by yourself, having a ball and never stopping.  

Isaac's cool cake was the Monster Trucks theme!  You wanted to takes those trucks off so badly.

Looking at the silly mirror - you moved around to see how you'd look.  Too cute.

Naturally, on the way home, you fell asleep.  At least it was a good nap and you weren't too cranky waking up.  It helped that Daddy was quick to make your requested Mac and Cheese.

Other fun stuff we did this past week....

Library time, Reading to Rover... it was a lesson in patience.  We arrived right at 6:30pm, which was the scheduled time for the program.  However, the dogs were already with other children and there was a long list ahead of you.  You were willing to wait though!

This time, Daddy handed Mommy the book and I read to you and our little furry friend.
It was a book about the zoo animals in a bowl of soup.  You recognized almost all of the animals.

You enjoyed it so much that you waited again and added your name on the list, so you could read to another dog.  This time, the book was about Clifford wanting to play baseball with his friends.

It's a wonderful program and I hope we can do this every month.

The "waiting" part of the Reading to Rover reminds me of something.  One morning, as Mommy brought you to school, I explained, "Mommy is going to pick you up from school today.  Oma and Opa have a doctor's appointment to go to."  (This past week was billing, so Mommy worked some longer hours than normal.  Oma and Opa picked you up from school.)  You replied, "I want to see Oma and Opa."  Mommy repeated, "Oma and Opa have to go to a doctor's appointment."  You quickly said, "I'll wait!"  Oh, my little problem solver son.

Another night, Oma came with us to the library for the "learning centers" meant for children ages 3-5.

When we arrived, the instructor started the game of "opposites" - Oma was thrilled.  She worked with you on opposites and your toy laptop had an opposites game too.  Perfect timing!  You knew a lot of the opposites and could find them on the cards.

The below video is a little difficult to see, because it's dark in the room.  It's a little difficult to hear, because you are an active little boy who likes to toss things around.  But you can make out you saying the opposite words.

Of course there was threading, story time and coloring.  There was also fun cards to match letters to pictures by way of puzzle pieces.  Oma was happy to see the various items that were used, being a teacher is a lifetime joy even when retired.  

There was another little girl there, about 6 months older than you.  She picked up the box of crayons and flung them high in the air.  I thought for sure you'd start picking up crayons and throwing them too.  But when you saw the instructor pick up the box, you got off of your chair and helped pick up the crayons without anyone asking you to do so!  You even crawled under the table and chairs to find all of the crayons.  Son... why don't you clean up like that at home?  You will clean up at home, but sometimes it's a fight.  Hmm, maybe we should throw your toys in the air too?  No, no, never mind that thought.  It was a crazy mommy moment.

Oma and Mommy were very proud of how helpful you were without having to be asked to do so.  

The library Children Center was "under construction" - having a new carpet installed while we were there.  We had to find a different way out of the library, which took us to the back of the Center and looped around to the front.  Sometimes a "detour" is a great thing.  We found this cool Smart Table.  

Oma had just as much fun drawing on it as you did.  We didn't even know it was there.  Next time we go to the library, it will be something we look for.

McDonald's keeps up with the movies.  "Angry Birds" is out now and there are McDonald's toys with flying birds.  You love knocking down those "bad pigs."

You have so many smiles to share, but that isn't always the case.
One night this week, you were watching something on Daddy's iPad.  You knocked down the iPad, because it wasn't doing something you wanted.  Daddy was really upset and you refused to say you were sorry.  Your bath tub water was ready, so Mommy gave you a bath and tried to explain.  "Do you want someone to break one of your toys?"  You didn't care.  It wasn't going to phase you.  You refused to say you were sorry.  

Mommy tried something different, "You know how when you want something and we tell you to use the word, "Please"... Please is an important word.  "Sorry" is an important word too.  If you do something wrong and you know it's wrong, you should say you are sorry."  It was a short bath, with no play time.  

When Mommy drained the bath tub, you cried.  I asked you, "Do you want to say sorry to Daddy now?"  You said you did.  With a towel wrapped around you, we went to Daddy and you apologized. Daddy thanked Mommy for helping to say you are sorry.  

It would be so easy to just yell.  But that reaction doesn't work with you.  I don't know if it works with any child, really.  Daddy was upset.  You knew he was and it made you cry.  But you didn't want to say you were sorry, until you understood the value of it.  I'm sure there will be more incidents like this, but hopefully with consistency, you will understand.

Pretty flowers in Oma and Opa's garden.  Love all those colors!

I love your excitement for life.  Today at Isaac's party, just as we were moving from one section of the building with bounce houses, to the other side... you ran up to use, yelling, hands waiving frantically, "Mommy, Daddy, come see!  The bounce houses on the other side are really, really big big big!"  Everyone who heard you smiled.  Such delight and joy.... it's contagious.  It's beautiful.  

I prayed and continue to pray for your happiness.  It's what I wanted for you, when I was pregnant for you.  To see you blossom and grow and continue to love life, well, it's precious.  I don't know what age you will read this letter, but whatever is going on in your life... remember, joy is simple.  You can't hunt for it or force it to happen.  It is there, always ready.  You just have to see it.  This is what you have taught me in your sweet, tender years.

Love Always,

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