Thursday, March 24, 2016

Letter to my son

Dear Son,

It's been a while since I wrote a letter.  A lot has happened, the biggest of which was your 3rd birthday party!  I'm going to focus solely on your birthday for this letter and then post several letters right after each other to get caught up.

I can't believe how 3 years has flown by.  I remember being in the hospital table, how cold it was, how scared I was of the surgery and how excited I was to meet you, to hold you in my arms.

And here you are, 3 years later...

On the morning of your birthday, you jumped out of bed and ran into the dinette area.  You looked sad, throwing your hands to your side, asking, "Where is my birthday?"  You were looking for the decorations for your party.  Mommy felt so bad about this, as we weren't having your party until Saturday.  The one saving grace I had was the cookie-birthday cake I bought to bring to your school.

Oma and Opa went to Zachary that morning while you were in school.  They picked up your great-grandmother, MawMaw Olive, so she could be in town for your birthday and your party.  After school, we went to Oma and Opa's house.  We sang Happy Birthday to you and you blew out the candles.  You received a few toys, but not all of them, as they were being saved for Saturday.

Oma showed you on the calendar how your birthday is one day and your party is on another day.

Mommy, Daddy and Oma (and later, Aunt Kim) went back to our home to decorate for your birthday party.  But before Oma came over to help, you saw more toys on the counter.  You told Oma, "I blew out my candles!"  And pointed to the toys.  Oma gave you ONE more toy.  You played with it and then said, "I see more toys!  I blew out All my candles!"  Oma couldn't resist your charms and gave you the rest of the toys.  Smart boy!

MawMaw Olive loved how you liked ice cream and wanted it from her.

Mommy is very thankfully for Oma and Kim's help!

The inside of the house was complete with Happy Birthday banners, scene decorations, door decorations, balloons and cake table decorated.  We even used some of your toys and books for decorations.  Mommy had the cake baked and the icing handmade, but still needed to decorate the cake after Oma and Kim left.

It wasn't a difficult cake to do, but it was time consuming in getting the shape right.  Of course, Mommy gets nervous decorating the cake, because she wanted you to be happy.  It's a good thing you were still at your grandparents home visiting with them, to give Mommy time to finish up the cake.

We even ordered a bouncy house with the car theme on it.  Everything together looks like a lot; Mommy took her time planning your party - 6 months in advance.  Mommy would buy small thing throughout the year.  All said, including the bouncy house, it costs $ 320 dollars.  To see your face with the house decorated and bouncy house - PRICELESS!

When Oma and Opa drove you home, you didn't realize it was a bouncy house at your home, but once you did, you kicked and screamed, "Let Me Out!  Let Me Out!"  You ran to the bounce house, ran inside the house to see the decorations, you were beaming with joy and excitement; you made Mommy SOOOOO incredibly happy.

Let Me Out! Let Me Out Now!

You had 47 guests that attended, with 16 of those guests being kids of a variety of ages.  A lot of love for you from family and friends, the best gift of all!

This was the type of party Mommy has dreamed of being able to have... Mommy never thought she was going to be able to have a party like this, because having a child was "out of the question" until God blessed us with a miracle, YOU.  To be able to gift you with this party and see your happiness in the decorations, Mommy's cup was overflowing.

Maw Maw Olive was so happy that she found a birthday card that said, "Great-Grandson" 

Eager to get to the cake!

Matching shirts - Daddy and Son

We were SO fortunate to have family and friends help out with food.  Oma and Opa came with two Cajun Stuffed Chicken and a big dish of cooked veggies.  Aunt Kristen brought fruit that was gobbled up and fruit cars that you said were "Cool" and "dipsticks" (carrots and celery).  We had ham, sandwiches and drinks.  It all came together beautifully!

Kristen putting together the "stop sign" fruit trays!

Four generations in this next picture!

Mommy and Opa's friend that used to work with us for many years, Linda, made this car photo-opt.  You ran to it!  (She also was the friend who made your stork sign when you were first born.)

You knew the race-track set up in the backyard was for cars!

Fruit cars!

One of your guests that came to your party was, Eddison, a classmate from St. Augustine's Episcopal School.  You were sitting in your chair, saw your friend and said, "What's up?"  Your words surprised Uncle Rene, who asked, "Did Gregory just say What's Up?"  I laughed.  I know you get this from Mommy.  It was a cute moment.

You surprised Mommy.  With so many children at the party, everyone played really well together.  I thought for sure there would be a "MINE MINE MINE" meltdown, or pushing and yelling, but nothing of that nature happened.  In fact, when it was time for you to open your birthday gifts, you allowed your friends to play with your new toys - really shocked me!

Izzy showing off dance moves

Even your cousins got into the car theme spirit!

Bounce house fun!

Time to sing the birthday song!

Oma gave poopoo play dough, Granny gave fart play dough.  Too funny and they both sent savings for your college funds!

Fun with the piñata  

You were so sweet playing with Alivia - you slowed down your run so that she could run away from you.  You were gentle with her.

 Sweet Roman, your youngest cousin, is a snuggle bunny, just like you when you were a newborn.

You even let your friends ride in your big gift!  Daddy had bought Mommy a camera flash for Christmas, but Mommy figured she really didn't use it or need it that often, so she asked Daddy to return it and instead, Mommy suggested that we use the money from Mommy's returned Christmas gift to buy your big birthday gift!

You loved it!  You love to drive it, but the wheel is a little difficult to turn.  It's a great learning tool for you and you have no problem practicing.

After the party, Oma told Mommy, "You are an older mommy, but an older mommy with a young mommy heart.  Because you have a young mommy heart, you allow Oma to feel like a young grandmother too."  Oma said she was proud of Mommy and it brought tears of joy to her eyes.  No sweeter words that a mom can give to her daughter as a mom.

You are such a beautiful, important part of our lives.  Three years of blessings and wishing you so many, many, many, many countless more!  My letter is late, but my happy birthday thoughts are year round.  Every day is a gift because of you.

Love Always,

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