Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Letter to my son

Dear Son,

It's a collage kind of letter, sweet boy, because you have done so much lately.  I wish there was a merge between Facebook and my blog, because lately I'm posted a lot on Facebook that should go on letters to you.  Such as this:

Tonight we all said our prayers. Thanking God for family and friends and nice weather. Then Gregory said, "And no biting. No hitting. No kicking!" Amen! We don't say those things when we pray but we have been reading books on being good friends. Greg and I were both delighted with Gregory's addition to the prayers.

Your Daddy typed in a comment:

That moment was the highlight of my entire week! Not just that he picked up on our important message of expressing himself in an appropriate way (frustration does not mean hitting or striking out)... but that he decided to contribute to our prayer, and in an important way with NO prompting! Thats my world... right there.

It was a sweet moment.  I'm typing this in your letter, because - as your daddy said - you were not prompted - you participated and with a sense of joy in your voice!  And the added bonus is that your school report has been excellent.

Mommy reads two books to you in the morning, before going to school.  Both books are about - no biting, no kicking, no hitting, no pushing.  It seems to be helping you understand and it's really good timing, considering October 1st, you started full time in school.  Mommy was nervous about this, how the transition would affect you.  Your teacher was confident in your ability to adjust and said you would do fine.

The first day of you going to school, the teacher could see Mommy was worried, but you walked right in.  In the middle of the work day, Ms. Kristie called Mommy at work - Mommy was worried...  but all good news - you were doing wonderfully, you were eating with the group and going with the flow and taking naps!  Yeah!

Before going to school that morning, Mommy showed you the school box with your name on it.  It was filled with yummy foods for lunch.  You refused to let Mommy carry it and insisted on doing so, that day and all the days thus far!  The first day of full days, the teacher sent home a cute little note.

Here are some collages from your school color projects:

I love the yellow fish on black paper!

The purple hippo is cute 

I like the cup of hot cocoa on the top right

The brown pigs in "mud" is made from oatmeal and food coloring.  When you saw the brown collage picture, you pointed and said, "cookies!"  I had to look twice - the brown circles are the cookies :)

Your teachers said you had the class in stitches when they made the house pictures.  You are an actor!  Love the spider hands.

School pictures also came in (first one is from our home with the cat that morning :)

This year we went to the pumpkin patch in Hammond.  The first time you went there, you weren't walking.  This time?  We followed you wherever you wanted to go - the corn maze, the hay maze, the air floating thingie (you loved this), the corn bin, the swings, the pumpkin patch, the cotton field... my gosh, what didn't they have?  It's such an awesome place!  Oma and Opa came with us too and had a blast.  There's so much to see and do and lots of photo opts.  Mommy took a lot more pictures than this collage.  If Picasa is still around, the rest of the pictures will most likely be in the September batch, because somehow the dates on the camera got messed up.

It was a farm kind of weekend ~ after the pumpkin patch, Oma found out that the church down the street from their home had a red barn farm/truck come out for the kids to see farm animals - a calf, bunnies, chickens, turkeys, baby goat, etc.  It was cool!


When you saw the above picture just now, you said, "Mommy pet horsey" - too cute!  The pony lifted his head for me to pet him more.  It was fun!  I love that you enjoy seeing different animals.

More random fun pictures

There's never enough Lego Blocks time!

Your smiles are daily and many and light up the room!

You love playing Doc (or patient).  You did a fantastic job when we needed to take you to the doctor's appointment recently - very proud of you son, for behaving so well and doing as the doctor said!

Playground - ANY time!

Daddy put this mask on you and you started walking like a zombie!  How did you know to do this??

You surprise me constantly - you just did this "bridge" stance like it was a natural thing.

Oma's neighbor, Martha, who has brought you many cloths that her grandson has outgrown.  The generosity of people is amazing!

You can take all of the shapes out and match them back and all the while you say, "tick tock clock."

The  other night Mommy fell in the hallway, with the entire weight of her body turned into her left hand which smashed into the wall... resulting in two sprained fingers.  You were so sweet, kissing mommy's wrapped bobo to make feel better and even pretending your finger hurt too.  You went so far as to wrap mommy's unharmed hand just so mommy had a matching set of hands.  When mommy asked for a blanket, not only did you bring mommy the blanket, you tucked it under mommy's neck and around her feet.  So thoughtful.

Oma and Opa were a huge help too.  Daddy was out of town for work for a couple of days.  Grandparents to the rescue in you going to school and picking you up and helping mommy feel better.  There's nothing like a parents' love no matter how old you get sweet boy!

Oma gave you a tool belt with tools in it.  You walked around proudly and said, "working man!"

Bath time at Oma and Opa's house - helping Mommy while her fingers stay in a splint.... you found a Christmas tree toy and you knew it was a Christmas tree :)  In the below picture you are washing the tree.

Oma and Opa had a new box of toys for you to make robots.  There was an instruction paper with it and you handed it to mommy, saying, "read it!"  Mommy told you a story about a small robot needing help and how the big robot made a car so the small robot could drive around.  Oma listened and asked, "Is that on the paper?"  Mommy said, "No, I just made it up."  Oma said, "That was really good."  Made Mommy feel good.  It's easy to make up stories, because you love story time.

Sorry son, Mommy started this letter before hurting her hands and it is difficult to type much.  Know how much you are loved!  Seeing you pretend stories and express various emotions is beautiful.  You are amazing.

Love Always,

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