Sunday, June 14, 2015

More Pictures

More Pictures, because you can never have enough.  My husband said this morning, "If we were back in the 80's, we'd have to get the film developed.  We'd be broke with all these pictures we're taking."  I remember dropping off my film and worrying that it would get lost.  Then rushing eagerly to the store to see how the pictures came out - it was like opening a Christmas gift.  Now it's the instant digital joy - just as much fun :) and cheaper!

When Greg first put Gregory on the kitchen counter, Gregory was nervous and didn't want to stay there....  Now, Gregory pats the counter to be put there.  
He gets nervous with new things and then, can't get enough of it.

This is what happens in New Orleans when there's humidity in the morning.... fogged lens

Picture from last night - Gregory playing with toys.

Mommy made blue velvet cupcakes (see the blog post before this one about the cupcakes).  Gregory liked the cupcakes.  So did Daddy... but ummm... no, I won't share that story on my blog.  Sweetheart, thank me, because I'm SOOOOO tempted to write about the story.  L M A O.  I shouldn't laugh.  Sorry.  LOVE YOU!

This morning we were going to go to our favorite, Cafe Latte Da, but we arrived 30 minutes early and they were closed.  So, we went to option 2, La Madeline.  

Gregory, can Mommy have a grape too?  He called them "Balls."  Hehe  But he did eat them all and some of the strawberries.... and toast... and a cookie that the waitress brought to him.

Morning sky as we were leaving the parking lot.  It looks like the cloud at the bottom of the picture is smoking.

Love the trees and shadows in the morning.  
Gregory loved running, except there was some low ground dips and puddles.

My serious look.

These next set of pictures crack me up.  Daddy is making raspberries with his little boy.

My sweet guys.

I liked the sun, the trees and the puddle :)

Holding mommy's hand :)

I don't care what you think, I do NOT like moss!

At LaSalle Park - Gregory is enjoying this morning of walking.  He saw dogs on the path and squirrels too.

Gregory saw Daddy walk on the beams and what Daddy does, Gregory wants to do.

He was shy about it, but you could tell he wanted to walk the beams.

In Daddy's hands, I can do anything.  Gregory didn't want to walk the beams, but he did and when he did, he couldn't get enough of them.  Before we left he walked the beams really well, instead of a tiny shuffle step, he walked with confidence (and assistance).  (At the end of this post, I'll add a video of Gregory walking the beams.)

Mommy wants to try too :)

Wait, how do I get up on the higher level?

With a little help

Big hugs for mommy.  Thank you, Daddy, for taking these pictures.

Can't get enough hugs and smiles. and of course, toys in Mommy's hair.

Greg took the following picture and said, "pole dancing"

Gregory, there's a squirrel behind you!

Running after the squirrel

Looking at the tree, the squirrel already up high.

Gregory looking down at the tree and the squirrel looking down at Gregory.

Starting the walk back to the car.  I love his love of walking.

Back home - flowers in the backyard. 

Boy and his dog.

Flowers in the front garden.

My husband doesn't like the heat and humidity of our summers here in New Orleans.  I agree with him.  But I love taking pictures of Gregory outside... and the only good time to do this is in the morning.  My husband wasn't in the mood to go to the parks this morning, so I sure do appreciate that he did this for us and with us.  XOXO

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