Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Maryland Vacation Part 7 Day of Rest

So far we did a lot each day, but Sunday was a day of rest.  We had plans to go to the neighborhood swimming pool, but Gregory decided to take a long nap instead.  And so, we all just enjoyed and relaxed :)

Burkley, Deanna's fiance, and Gregory.  Gregory is going to be their ring bearer at their wedding next year!

Gregory's nap time!

NOT ready to wake up yet!

Burkley and Michael making a kayak out of duct tape!

April and her boyfriend, Peter

Erin and her daughter, Martina, came over to pick up a piece of furniture.  They took it downstairs with the help of Holly and Deanna and down the hill - Girl power!  Gregory watching their progress.

Yoga time!


Burkley and Michael swinging Gregory from side to side.  


Burkley gave Deanna the record player.  It was so great to see them taking out RECORDS!!!  Just seeing the records gave me happy childhood flashbacks.  I was all smiles.  Before they played the records, Gregory had turned the knobs around and around and nothing happened, because the record player was off.  But this afternoon, they turned it on.  Gregory turned the volume knob and it went really loud.  It scared him and he ran away.  Then he ran back and kept turning the knobs.  It was too funny.


The kids put on the record for The Carpenters.  It brought back childhood memories when Holly would visit during the summer months.  We would stay up late at night singing the songs.  We wrote down the lyrics, to make sure we had the correct words.  My parents used to fuss at us to go to sleep.  Lol.  The music kept a smile going.

Michael says the shoe doesn't fit :)

Out for the night!

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