Monday, August 18, 2014

Maryland Vacation Part 6 Brother's New Home

By now, my brother's home in Louisiana is sold to a very lovely family.  I believe they will be happy there and will enjoy the neighborhood.

While we were in Maryland, my brother and his wife were house hunting.  They found one that they have their heart set on and the real estate agent was kind enough to give us a tour (us included my cousin Holly and her two daughters, Deanna and April, and my parents, me and Gregory - it was a large group).

The house is located in a beautiful neighborhood.  We were able to actually meet one of their potential neighbors while we were outside.

The house is split level, which you will frequently find in Maryland.  To a Louisianian, this might not make sense.... think of it this way... if it's a full level, then you have a regular, long flight of stairs to get to the next floor.  In a split level home, you have MORE staircase, but the stairs are shorter, maybe just 5 steps and it's often more floors in a home.  

For their home, they have three floors and a basement.  To me that equates to 4 floors total, because the basement is finished, has a bathroom, washer and dryer room and a child's play room.  Yes, I include it as a floor :)

Before we went to their potential new home, we met at Rob and Roda's apartment.  They had a gift for Gregory, which he refused to share with anyone else - two cars.  Gregory LOVES cars.  And they had an adorable outfit for Gregory too (he had it on when we drove home from the trip).

Here are the pictures from their apartment:

Rob was tickled that Gregory liked the cars because Rob picked them out at the store.

Nope, he didn't give the cars to Oma, not sharing them!

It was about a 30 minute drive to their potential new home (they put a bid in for it already and it was approved, but plenty more needs to be done before they become home owners again):

Front of the House from the Street

They have beautiful gardens in the front yard and the backyard.

While we waited for the agent to arrive, Rob and Roda showed us the backyard.  Below is a picture of Roda pointing to the end of their property line.  It's a huge backyard with a hill at the end of it.

View of the back of the house.

We kept Gregory in the stroller, because there were too many children's toys for temptation.  Sellers have 5 children and LOTS of toys!

When you walk through the front door, you are on the 2nd level.  This is the front room.

Next picture is dark, sorry, it's their formal dining room.

This is the island in their kitchen.  They love the island!  The kitchen and dining room table are on the 2nd level as well - same level as the front door.

If I am remembering correctly, we went downstairs and saw where Rob's office will be - this is the 3rd level.  It's a very nice office room.

I forget what other rooms there are in the 3rd level.  I know there's a bathroom and I think another family room with a second fireplace.  The 3rd level is the level that leads to the backyard.

I didn't take pictures of the top, 1st level - that has all the bedrooms - master bedroom and 3 more bedrooms.  There is a full bath and a full master bath too. - only bedrooms on top floor.

I already described the basement with the rooms there.  Gregory was trying to climb out of the stroller to get to the kid's play area in the basement.  Lol.

Instead, we took him outside and he happily played with his new cars on their driveway.

Gregory was getting sleepy on the ride from Rob and Roda's potential new home back to Holly's house.  In the picture below, he is playing with Deanna's hair.

Gregory and Rocco back at Holly's house.

Holly and her kids liked the app "Another Monster at the End of the Book" - Holly and Gregory reading the book.

Gregory figured out how to get into the wine cabinet.  Fortunately they had another child safety lock. He was not amused.

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