Saturday, August 9, 2014

Back in the Work Force HAPPY DANCE

I have to interrupt my vacation posting with some great news!

I’m back in the work field, starting August 19th!  It was a surprise; I wasn’t searching the Internet for employment or sending out resumes.  In fact, not long ago, I said a prayer, “Ok, God, if you want me to have a job…. please find it for me and send it to me, because I’m not looking right now.  Part time please.”

The day before my husband’s birthday, I received a phone call from Mr. Derbes.  He handled the case for my Dad when Dad adjusted the ownership of the company, back in 2011. I attended most of the meetings with Dad and Mr. Derbes, out of loyalty, respect, support and concern for my Dad.  (Concern because my Dad had just gone through 3 open-heart surgeries within a matter of 45 days not long before the case was filed with the law firm.)

OK, that’s a lot of background, but I thought I had to share, because why would Mr. Derbes call me?  I worked in the finance industry from ages 16-40, not an attorney’s office, though I did work with attorneys in collecting legal accounts.  To have an attorney recommend me for a part-time bookkeeping position in his firm… it made me feel good that someone thought so well of me :)  Granted, I never did bookkeeping for a law firm, but I handled a great deal of H.R. responsibilities, insurance claims, accounts receivables and billing in the finance industry - different animal of course, but skills that are transferrable include the ability to learn quickly, skilled with various computer programs, attention to detail and working with deadlines.

The interview was in the evening of my husband’s birthday.  Two attorneys from the law firm and their bookkeeper conducted the interview.  (There are a total of 10 attorneys in the law firm and the bookkeeper does all of the billing, etc for them.  I can definitely understand why she needs assistance.)

When I got home, Greg asked me how it went.  I replied, “I think it went well.  I’m eager to do the work and the people are really nice.  I think it would be a great fit and good hours, still allowing me time with our son.  BUT…. I don’t know any of their programs.  If they interview someone with their program experience, I probably will not get the job.” 

During the interview we talked about their programs, what programs I knew, etc.  We talked about work hours – Monday through Friday – 25-30 hours a week depending on the workload.  We also talked about daycare, given that I mentioned my son and his age.  I had already talked with my parents and Greg’s parents, both were happy to have more time with their grandchild.  We are incredibly fortunate to have very supportive families!  

I talked with our parents about watching Gregory prior to the interview, because I didn’t want to apply for a job without knowing that our son would be cared for and I really did not want Gregory in daycare.  It was good to have this in order prior to the interview, because I had the answers to the attorneys’ concerns.

As for the programs, I explained that it’s true I don’t have the experience, but I am a fast learner.  I take good notes and I’ll ask questions.  I am eager to do this and excited about the work, especially learning new things!  What I’m even happier about is that it’s with a law firm where we have worked with them.  I trust and respect their integrity, professionalism, support and abilities based on the experience of how they handled the case for my Dad.  So, though this will be new to me, on some level the atmosphere is not. 

During the interview, they explained that the interviewing process had just started that morning.  I figured they would interview for the rest of the week, if not longer.

I received a call the next day with a job offer!  Melanie, one of the attorneys in the interview, said that they made their decision after my interview!  Wow.  Talk about make me feel good!  Melanie also said that she went to Mr. Derbes and thanked him for recommending me to the position.  I was smiling so much!  My husband said, “I don’t think I’ve ever been pursued by an employer like that before.”    

I don’t start until August 19th and I’m itching to do so!  I have nervous energy, eager to start working and prove that I’m worthy of them hiring me.

If my son wasn’t with our parents while I work, I’d feel guilty about not being here for him.  When our son was first born, we agreed that I wouldn’t work for the first 18 months.  Gregory turns 18 months on August 18th!  But even still, my husband and I had said, “We don’t have to rush into me finding a job.”  But this one came to me.  I think it’s God’s planning.    It’s a good age for Gregory and good time for me to start back to work and not on a full time scale.  I realize there is stress involved with any new job, learning curves and pressure to learn quickly.  I’m mentally prepared for this and eager to do so.

OK, on to some pictures from Greg’s birthday, when we went out to celebrate, pictures of the matching shirts I bought for him and Gregory, Gregory playing hide and seek (he screams in delight when we go looking for him, so it’s really hard not to find him.  Lol).  Thanks to all who sent prayers and positive thoughts, encouragement and congratulations.  Having the support of family and friends makes this world a beautiful place.

Matching Daddy and Son shirts

Ah, the glow of the iPad.  Lol

At Zea's restaurant for my husband's birthday

Yumm, love their grilled veggie/hummus plate!

Playing hide and seek!

Loves looking outside

He likes spaghetti.  But don't cut up the spaghetti too small. He likes to play with the spaghetti strings.

Outside of a restaurant - pretty flowers - he sat down for one second.

And he is off running!!

Going for an evening walk, he sits down to play with the leaves.


RGB said...

First things first, Congratulations and all the very best on your new job! I'm sure you deserve it :) And yeah, should be part of the Lord's plan, how else would you explain landing a job without even looking for it!

Love the 'Copy-Paste' T-shirt you managed to find for Gregs (Dad & Son)!

Awww...Greg Jr. looks adorable :)

Mari said...

Congratulations on the job! It sounds like the perfect position and I agree that God chose it for you!
Looks like a wonderful birthday celebration!

Lilly said...

Congrats Aleta. It was all meant to work out this way. And you have loads of talent to share with the world. Plus it will be great for Gregory to have such great times with his grandparents. Good luck with it all. A bleated happy Birthday to Greg and I love your pictures. Too cute. Gregory was the loveliest of babies and what a handsome and healthy little boy he is now. I bet he keeps you guys on your toes.