Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Modern Family

Do you watch the television show, Modern Family?  My husband got me into the show.  I heard him laughing all the way across the house (and I have bad hearing)... his laughter actually woke up the baby, who was sleeping soundly.  Needless to say, I had to see the show that evoked such a response from my husband.  One viewing and I was hooked.

There was one episode where it starts off with the patriarch of the family group being asked the question, "What makes a good father?"  He evades the question while other fathers in the family try to answer with, "be the kid's friend" "say no to drugs"(things that would make a mother's eyes roll for that type of answer, Lol)

The patriarch is a stepfather to a young boy.  The biological dad is a deadbeat in reality, but in the boy's eyes, his biological father hangs the sun and the moon.  The stepfather has plans to go to a couples vacation with his wife, as the biological dad is supposed to have plans to take his son to Disney.  Of course you know what happens... the bio dad is a no show at the last minute and the stepfather changes all his plans and takes the family to Disney... even giving the boys father "credit" for the trip so the boy isn't crestfallen.

The show ends with the patriarch/stepfather answering the question... "What makes a good father?  You could answer in many ways, but really, the best way to be a good father.  Be There."

So yes, there are many comical parts in the show, worthy of a loud laugh, excellent actors and good messages for families, no matter what the make-up of the unit.  I'm a fan of the show :)

And on that note... some Daddy moments in our home:

Our son loves the walker and if we are eating at the table, he watches everything.  My husband teased our son with a sandwich.

Of course Daddy didn't let him eat the food... and our son gave me this expression, "Oh No He Didn't!"

My husband did give our son a small taste of mashed potatoes, to which we were given this expression; my husband said, "It looks like he is singing!"

Daddy holding Biscuit (my parents' dog) so our son can pet the dog.

Three Generations:  Grandfather, Daddy, Baby

Gregory, "No Daddy, I don't know where your glasses are.... why do you ask?"


Life Is 2 Short 2 Fold Underwear said...

Gregory is such a cutie!! He certainly knows what to do when the camera comes out ;)

Jackie said...

He's so cute!!

I nominated you for an award on my blog today! Stop by and check it out. :)

Cheryl said...

I am, also a big fan of the show Modern Family. One of the things I like about that show is that it meshes some humor as well as some inciteful story lines.

I think Ed O'Neills part is a great part. He casts sort of a grouchy quality but he does everything he can to take care of all the extended family.

I think that is a great lesson for parents...BE THERE.

(I think you and I seem to be very lucky that our husbands are the kind of people that want to be there.)