Saturday, March 8, 2008

Bullshit for Breakfast

Greg is a morning person. He wakes up early. He likes to cook breakfast and drink his coffee outside to see the sunrise.

Aleta is not a morning person. She likes to sleep late. She doesn’t eat breakfast. That is, until a couple of weeks living with Greg and now she has a hankering for his breakfast.

On the odd occasion that Greg wants to go out for breakfast, he says its too much bullshit and so he makes breakfast (like this morning). Why too much bullshit? Because he knows Aleta wants to take a shower and then has to blow dry her long hair and that just takes too long. It’s quicker for him to cook (see honey, I’m saving us money).

Greg says getting up to go for breakfast is a simple art form – you throw on clothes and here’s the magic – put on a baseball cap! He says I look cute in a baseball cap.


henriette said...

Hi Aleta, I can understand how Greg feels, waiting for breakfast is not fun, and also how Aleta feels, we gonna get ready for the day.

Aleta said...

Hi Henriette! Thank you for posting a comment! I agree, there's something to be said for both sides of to be a morning person or not to be. I can get up in the morning, I just like to take it slow. *smiles*